Thursday, May 2, 2019


Hello dearest! Hope you have a great weekend, full of parties and fun

Prom time is comming, starting in May and this is a last call to search for your prom dress. I was writing about 27DRESS.COM store and I show you most beautiful wedding dresses, party dresses, all dresses they can offer. All styles you can even imagine, you can find on this store. Also, you can contact customer service for all info and help with doubt you may have. I love those kind of dresses I choosed for you. There is a lot of colours I couldnt decide. From royal blue, Ivory, red, emerald green and rose gold. All of them are amazing.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Hello dearest. Hope you have a great monday!

Time for another one online dress store review and reccomendation. You already know about 27DRESS.COM and their dresses. Can you imagine yourself in one of those dresses? Im not sure which one to choose. 

Like we know, summer is comming, and prefect timing for weddings, proms, homecomming, parties and many more special occations are almost there. It is so hard to find perfect dress when you have such a huge choice on one place. For me, summer is about to be verry active, a few weddings, some parties and one travel where I need to have a few dresses like those I choose for you.


Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Hello dearest! Spring is here and it`s a great time to think and plan some weddings or party. Best time for wedding is summer of course. Because od weather, sunshine, open toes and dress choise. 

Last time I check prom dresses, but now it is time to check perfect wedding dress from on line store 27DRESS. They can offer amaizing wedding dresses from long to middie and mini, full with details like open back (which is my fav), sleeveless, full of lace, beaded, long sleeved and many many more. You just need to choose your style od the wedding dress and be queen of your wedding day, of course!

Monday, March 18, 2019


Happy day everybody! 

Today is a great day for some online shopping. I love to look for new stores and find a new interesting items for myself and for my friends. I love to wear something different so Im in search for placec where I can find that kind of warderobe and accessories. I find a great online olothing and accessories store called LILACOCO.COM.

Here I found a lot of interesting clothing like beautiful faux fur coats in very popular leo pattern and pretty amazing form like pink one you will see down on picture I added in this post. Than I found intersting skirts, tops and bodysuit`s, interested denim jackets and a lot of accessories like fur bags, sunglasses, phone cases, jewelry and many many more. 

What ever is your style, you can find it here. If you need dress for some special ocattion, or you want something casual, just check LILACOCO.COM.

Heres some of my favorite items:

Monday, March 11, 2019


Hello my pretty girls. How was your monday? Did you spend your weekend nice? Hope you did!

I was thinking how fast time goes. I was thinking about how fast prom time is comming. Because of that I fond for you one amazing store wich offers amazing PROM DRESSES. Because of this store I wish to go through prom night again :). Name of the store is 27DRESS.

Most popular way to shop is to buy from the chair. You can make a cup of coffee and just enjoy in searching for your favourite dress. On 27DRESS you can find a lot of styles from maxi, midi to mini dresses with a lot of details like beads, sequines, colors, shades of gold, silver ot rose gold and many more. What is more important, prices are amazing. You can get amazing dress for very affordable price. Prom night is happening once in a lifetime and all of you must be queens. Part of preparing and planing prom dress is reallu funny and this store will help you to enjoy by choosing best dress for yourself.

Heres a little sneak peak:


Monday, September 17, 2018


Hello dearest! Hope you had an amazing summer. Mine was so funny and full of parties and Im thinking about to write you about how great time I had.

I decided to share with you one simple smoothie recipe, but with one special ingredient - blue spirulina from E3 live called Blue Majik.


2 larger banannas
5 spoons of oatmeal
30g of nut`s
2 coffee spoons of blue spirulina powder
200g of berries
1 spoon of maple syrup
1 coffee spoon of cinnamon

Mix all ingridients in blender except blue spirulina. Let it stay about 10 minutes and than add blue spirulina. Decorate how you like it.


Sunday, March 11, 2018


Hello my dear! Hope your sunday is great as mine! 

I writed you about one pretty sweet online shop called GAMISS and I got some cute stuffs from them. Im pretty much love their quality and I specially love their bags and shoes. 

I decidet to give you sugestion what to wear on your first date and I think it should pretty casual or classy with some good details. 

I decided to wear this lovely lace up sweater and you can see that this sweater is really nice with good leather pants. As detail I put this watch and Im ready to go.

What is your facourite combination for the first date?
Check  sweater HERE 

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