Thursday, December 7, 2017


Hello my dearest and welcome to this new special post. You know that I love to write about all ladies stuff`s like make up, fashion and beauty, but I never wrote about important thing which means to us so much in some period of life and that is pregnancy. Pregnancy is start of an incredible jorney for most of womens. 

Most women in a particular period of life want to create a family. We think about pregnancy and pregnancy makes us happy when it happens. Also, our way of nutrition affects our health and it is very important when it comes to pregnancy. Also, phisycal activity and your lifestyle will affect on your body and larer pregnancy.

There are many ways to detect pregnancy in the early stage. You can buy pregnancy test in pharmacy or visit your doctor, but there is ways to detect pregnancy at home. Did you know that? Yes you can do PREGNANCY TEST at home. Just check link to see how to do that with Vinegar, dandelion  or toothpaste.

Also, there is a lot of symptoms which will tell you that you might be pregnant. You can LEARN MORE HERE and see what your body can tell you about your telling you about potential pregnancy. There is a lot of symptoms like headache, smells, constipation, mood swings and many more. Most of symptoms are well known, but always you can find something new. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017


Hello my make up lovers! Hope you injoy in weekend and have a great day. 

I havent write on my blog long time and writing the blog is really my favorite hobby, but Im a fool time employed so I don`t have much time for it, but I decided to change this right now.

Im sure you already know about this palette from BH cosmetics collaboration with Carli Bybel and I wanted to give my toughts on this palette too. This is second palette made in collaboration with Carli and BH cosmetics, and you can read review of the first palette HERE.

If you don`t know, Carli Bybel is a Youtube beauty guru with over 5.6M subscribers and 4.9M followers on Instagram and for sure, she is well known in the beauty world.

The palette is made of soft cardboard with magnetic closure and it is really big, but not heavy. Package is nice and semilar as the first palette. When you open it, you will see marble background and large mirror and below the mirror you will see Carli`s fav quote "Aspire to inspire''. Package is great for travel bag and it wont open during travel. 

This palette contains amazing natural nude shades, but without name. You can find 8 matte shades and 7 shimmer shades, 2 bigger duochrome highlighters/eyeshadows, 2 hightlighters in white and rose color and two bronzers. Pigmentation is breathtaking.

EYESHADOWS: When you look on the first row shadows, you will see that they are all brend new. All in pinky coral and sparkly shades and so pretty. Middle row contains more pinky- purple tones and thirth row shadows are brown or toffy toned. Some shades in this palette are same as the shadows in first Carli Bybel palette. 

Matte shadows are so pigmented but it can be dried sometimes and maybe you will need to work a little bit more with them. You can use eye primer for a better effect. Shimmer eyeshadows are fantastic and easy to use with or without primer. Shadows are blended very good and you can combine them for a lot of good lookinng make up ideas. 

You can see two duochrome shadows which are amazing, so pigmented and I totally fell in love. Colors are rose gold and some kind of honey. Perfect!!!

Highlighters are available in 3 brand new shades and one shade same as shade in first Carli Bybel paltte. As you can see in swatches, pigmentation is aaaaamazing. 

At the and, this palette is perfect and so afordable for only $22. Find it on BHcosmetics 

Thank you so much for reading!


Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Hello my lovelies! I took a little bit time to get rest of my all summer activities. Now Im back to my happy place. My little blog :).

I got those qute stuffs from ROSEGAL about a couple of time and finally it`s time to show them up (Im bit late, I know).

I got this pack of choker necklasses in 8 colors. Those are velvet choker and they can fit in all fashion styles. Check them HERE

Also, I choosed this amazing shorts with a lovely rose patch and very trendy fishnet details. This shorts is in M size and it`s true to size. You can check it HERE.

At the and, I got the artificial flowers for home decoration and I can tell that here you can find very nice and quality artificial flower for your home. Check HERE, HERE and HERE.

Thank you so much for check.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Hello beautiful`s. Have you ever tried any makeup product which is sooo cheap, but so amazing!? I just did.

I got this eyeshadow box from OMBIA (actually I never heard about this cosmetic brend) which costs about 4$ or less. I love brown and gold colors and even if says that this colours are for dark eyes, my blues loves it so much.

This mini palette has 5 shades from bead white which is creamy and can be used as highlighter too and other 4 shades are powder and you can see gold, bronze, and two brown shades. 


Pigmentation is so grazy and it`s amazing. You can see how pretty is on swatches. This was a huge surprise and I can totally recommend you those eye shadows. Also available in more colour combinations.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Hello my dear. How good is your day today?

I wanted to show you some pretty things for fall which I got from ZAFUL and I really can tell that Im always choose a really quality items from this online store.

First I got this amazing super cool backpack which you can check HERE. It made of really quality eco leather with super trendy floral embroidery details as you can see on pictures. Zipper is solid so you wont be worry about it. This backpack has two more pckets on left and right side. This one is pretty cool detail for all your outfits.

Also, I decidet to get those super cute earrings. They are so sweet, are they? :) 

You can check them HERE for only $3

Monday, September 11, 2017


Hello after long time :). Vacation is over and summer will be over soon :(. After all travelings, seaside and chill out time it`s time to get back to the routine and reality. Hope you all have great summer.

Today, I just wanted to share with you those amazing flat sandal`s in green color and beautiful gem`s on it. I got them from GAMISS and Im pretty in love with them. They are pretty good with quality and you can check them HERE.  

Thank you so much for stop by.


Monday, July 17, 2017


Hello dear readers. 

Today I want to show you what I got from ROSEGAL online shop. I used to buy accessories and shoes and jewelry from this store and I`m very happy with their quality. I received those espadrilles with floral details and this cute sequines on the top. They are so comfortable and amazing. They are perfect for summer and your feet will "breathe" in them.I suggest you to check their other SHOES and find some for yourself.

Take a look >>> HERE

Thank you so much for reading.


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