Sunday, February 14, 2016


About a few week`s ago, I was contacted with one great israeli company which is specialize in promoting cosmetics and medical product`s. It call`s BPlinks. This is company founded by Mr. Barak Levy with who I had the honor to communicate. This company represent several israeli cosmetic brands. 

My obsession are skin care product`s because I have combined and complicated skin. That is the reason why I decided to choose to try QUEEN ODELIA product`s. I have never heard of QUEEN ODELIA cosmetc`s and I was pretty excited to try it. This brend offers you face serum`s, night cream, daily cream, foot cream, shower gel`s and body lotion`s and I can tell for this short time I use this cosmetic`s, that is really amazing.

What I got from QUEEN ODELIA is face serum, night cream and foot cream. Let`s talk about this cosmetic`s a little bit more! 

QUEEN ODELIA product`s are made of Preckly pear seed`s. Preckly pear is a type of cactus. Lot of experts call it a miracle of plant because it survives a long droughts and produces fruit in the wild without artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Preckly pear contains small black seed`s from which is extracted the precious oil. Team of dermatlogist discovered that this oil from the seed`s contains abnormaly high levels of vitamin E and tocopherol (as they say, contains more than 150% argan oil) wich make this product the most effective treatment for skin.

Night cream is in a great golden package and in value of 50 ml. That`s amazing. I started to use this night cream about a week ago and for this short time my skin is so soft and gentle. This cream is white color and is not grasy. It`s easy to spread and don`t leave grasy film on skin.

Face serum contains small blue and yellow capsule wich contained ingredients that gives very positive effect on the skin. I use this serum in the morning before I applied liquid powder.

The QUEEN ODELIA cosmetic`s is very luxury, non tested on animals. 

Also, I have a 20% off promo code wich you can use on QUEEN ODELIA online store. Just add ''iva20'' when check out. You will love QUEEN ODELIA for sure.

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