Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Hallo dear readers. Im so happy that I got this woodden watch from WOODWATCHES.COM. 

It look`s so sweet and stylish. This one is made of maple & lavander wood and it`s from their CORA series. You can check this watch HERE.  Also, other colors are available.

This watch came in amazing wooden box and you can see it down below. It`s pretty quality and amazing with automatic mechanism.

First impression when I sow this watch was WOW! Pretty nice metalic pink colour inside perfectly goes with this light bracelet. Contrast is amazing. The saffire glass it`s realy hard to schratch.  The strap includes a simple stainless steel deployment clasp. 8 Swarovski crystal markers are located around the dial. The movement is a Sea-Gull ST6103K, which can be seen through a display window on the front of the dial. The site states an accuracy of +/- 3 seconds a day. After timing it for 24 hours, the watch was only off by just under a second. It includes a push down crown to help with water resistance.  Price is a little bit high, but I guess it`s worth because this watch is really quality. It cost $275. Yes, I know. But sometimes it`s really important to treat yourself with this peace of accessorie.

The case width is 37mm, and the band thickness is about 22mm. I think it’s a pretty good size for a ladies wrist, with that slight chunky look you would expect from a wooden watch. 

At the end if you decide to buy yourself this beauty or any other watch, check WWW.WOODWATCHES.COM and I got a 20% off discount code 'j16fashionstylist3020'.



Wednesday, April 13, 2016


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Hallo lovelies. It`s time for another one makeup product review. Today I will talk about this amazing YSL volume effet faux cils waterproof charcoal black mascara. Im sure that you already know about this product, but here`s my view...

This mascara is perfection and only thing I don`t like is that this mascara is so strong that I barely found makeup remover to remove it from my eyes. I will write about it in some of next posts. 

This mascara is so good and I will buy it again for sure. I was thinking before that paying for mascara so much money is to much because you can use mascara only 3-4 months, but when I tried this one, I changed my mind. I bought it on Stawberry (HERE)

Im using this mascara almost two months and I can see that it dires fast and this is the only fact I don`t like about this product. Not dried yet, but we`ll see. Package is super luxury and very pretty looking as you can see, but small. Only 6,9 ml. For price of 32,50 Euros it should be a little bit bigger. Mascara is not to wet or dried. It`s preaty creamy. It`s a real pleasure to apply this little mascara on the eyelashes. The brush is excellent , allows precise application of the product and covers the lashes from the root. Pigmentation and persistance is excellent. Mascara ran all day, do not shad, not smudge. The effect is nice and a volume is good.

Thank you so much for reading.


Friday, April 8, 2016


Hallo lovelies. It`s time for another time review. I will talk about this very nice contour and correct cream palette from CITY COLOR. This is the first contour palette from City Color I ever used. Im thinking about to buy another one contour palette from this brend. This one is really good. Have you try it?

As you can see, there are available 4 correctors in yellow, green, purple and orange color. I use orange on my pouch, than I use yellow after orange. It show`s very well. Green is for a small defects on my skin and purple can be used for the same thing. 

Correctors are pretty creamy and blending is amazing.

For contouring my face I use first and second shade. Third is to dark for my skin tone. 

What is most important to me that this product isn`t tested on animals and paraben free.

At the end I can say that I totally recommend this product.

Thank you so much for reading.


Thursday, April 7, 2016


Hallo dear! Happy thursday! Are you ready for the weekend? 

Today I will write about another one affordable palette from BH COSMETICS. I got it for $12.50 like THIS palette (click to read). If you watch this movie, it will inspire you for great nightout make up and this palette will help you a lot. :) I was so excited to try this one.

PRIDE + PREJUDICE + ZOMBIES EYE + CHICK PALETTE is so lovely. Package is amazing and also has a mirror inside. On BH COSMETICS you can find a huge makeup brushes sale by clicking HERE.

Let`s talk about this adorable palette.

Here you can see how it`s look`s like inside. You will get 12 eye shadows and 3 blushes/bronzers. There`s 6 shimmer eye shadow`s and 6 matte eye shadow`s. Colors are so vibrant. Pigmentation is amazing and you can combine them however you want. Eye shadows last all night. I`m specially in love with pink and gray shimmer shade. You can see them in swatches below.

First blush, I use as a highlighter and second one for contour. Chick shades are also pigmented as well. 

Do you like this palette? Do you ever use palette`s from BH COSMETICS?

Thank you so much for reading.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Spring is here. Actually it`s pretty hot outside. As always, spring is such a perfect time to get yourself a perfect pair of shoes. Flat`s or Heel`s, no matter...What girl doesn`t love shoe`s!?

I did a huge haul on AMICLUBWEAR. This shop sell shoes, clothing and accessories and it`s based in United States.I didn`t know which one to choose because there`s a lot of choice of shoes. Prices are so sweet.

For me, flat`s are perfect shoes. They are so comfortable for every day activities, so I decided to buy more flat`s. Quality of those shoes are great. How you like them? Do you ever buy shoe`s form Amiclubwear? :)





Enjoy and happy afordable shoe shopping :)

Thanks so much for reading!


Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Hallo lovelies. How`s your day today? 

Today I will do a CARLI BYBEL EYESHADOW AND HIGHLITER PALETTE review.  Carli made this palette for BH COSMETICS. I purchased this palette for only $12,50 and for that price, this palette is amazing. I was so sceptical because that price, but I was so surprised when palette arived. BH COSMETICS now have action where you can by any product and get another for 50% off. That`s great! :)

This palette is limited and I decide to order it before it`s gone. Eye shadows are so well pigmented and you can see it in swatches down below. Theres a few matte shadow`s and few shimmer shadows. Shadow`s work pretty well together or single. Package is so pretty and mirror is big enough.

Palette is vegan, paraben free, non-iritating, alergy and clinically tested and cruelty free product. With this palette, you can do so many eye look`s. Im totally in love.

Here you can see how highliters are pigmented. Im using last two as a bronzer. Also, highliters can be used on eyes, but you can see that some eyeshadows are same color as highliters. 

Im totaly recommended this palette. Realy good quality for affordable price. 

Thank you so much for reading.


Sunday, April 3, 2016


Hallo lovelies. It`s time for some body care. I got the oportunity to try Mr. Bean body scrub a 100% organic coffee scrub made of premium ingredients like roasted ground coffee beans, himalayan pink rock salt, damerara sugar, organic cacao, cold pressed coconut oil, vitamin E oil and natural mandarin essence.

This scrub can serve your skin if it`s rough, dry or if you have problem with stretch marks or cellulite.

All I can say that this product is realy lovely for my skin. It makes my skin so soft and gentle. I use it in the shower on my whole body and face, 2-3 times weekly... And smell is amazing. What I do first is to get wet and than I get my hand`s full of scrub and do a circular massage, than I wait 5-10 minutes and I rince it well after that. Yes, remember to rince well after exfoliating your body because a little bit coffee color stays on your skin. I took a regular shower after using Mr. Bean scrub. I mostly exfoliate my legs, specially knee and thigh area. Im not sure how it works on stretch marks because I don`t have that problem.

What is interesting, you can have a great skin care for only 19,99 . Also, you can order from Europe and US, but scrub is available for the whole world, so be sure to try. 


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