Wednesday, April 13, 2016


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Hallo lovelies. It`s time for another one makeup product review. Today I will talk about this amazing YSL volume effet faux cils waterproof charcoal black mascara. Im sure that you already know about this product, but here`s my view...

This mascara is perfection and only thing I don`t like is that this mascara is so strong that I barely found makeup remover to remove it from my eyes. I will write about it in some of next posts. 

This mascara is so good and I will buy it again for sure. I was thinking before that paying for mascara so much money is to much because you can use mascara only 3-4 months, but when I tried this one, I changed my mind. I bought it on Stawberry (HERE)

Im using this mascara almost two months and I can see that it dires fast and this is the only fact I don`t like about this product. Not dried yet, but we`ll see. Package is super luxury and very pretty looking as you can see, but small. Only 6,9 ml. For price of 32,50 Euros it should be a little bit bigger. Mascara is not to wet or dried. It`s preaty creamy. It`s a real pleasure to apply this little mascara on the eyelashes. The brush is excellent , allows precise application of the product and covers the lashes from the root. Pigmentation and persistance is excellent. Mascara ran all day, do not shad, not smudge. The effect is nice and a volume is good.

Thank you so much for reading.


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