Thursday, December 7, 2017


Hello my dearest and welcome to this new special post. You know that I love to write about all ladies stuff`s like make up, fashion and beauty, but I never wrote about important thing which means to us so much in some period of life and that is pregnancy. Pregnancy is start of an incredible jorney for most of womens. 

Most women in a particular period of life want to create a family. We think about pregnancy and pregnancy makes us happy when it happens. Also, our way of nutrition affects our health and it is very important when it comes to pregnancy. Also, phisycal activity and your lifestyle will affect on your body and larer pregnancy.

There are many ways to detect pregnancy in the early stage. You can buy pregnancy test in pharmacy or visit your doctor, but there is ways to detect pregnancy at home. Did you know that? Yes you can do PREGNANCY TEST at home. Just check link to see how to do that with Vinegar, dandelion  or toothpaste.

Also, there is a lot of symptoms which will tell you that you might be pregnant. You can LEARN MORE HERE and see what your body can tell you about your telling you about potential pregnancy. There is a lot of symptoms like headache, smells, constipation, mood swings and many more. Most of symptoms are well known, but always you can find something new. 

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