Friday, May 20, 2016


Hallo lovelies. Today it`s time for RIMMEL lasting finish foundation 25HR in nude.

I used this foundation before and I decided to buy it again. As you can see, shade is a little bit darker than my skin tone, but it will be perfect for summer when I get tan.

This powder is full coverage for my skin type. No one wears foundation 25Hs, I guess, but this foundation stay`s on skin for a long time for sure. If you have dry skin, I don`t recommend it because this foundation will dry up your skin more. Also, this foundation will protect your skin of UV rays by factor 20. This foundation has excellent coverage for pimples or scars. 

Have you try it?



Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Hallo lovelies. How`s your day? Today, I decided to do a very simple refresh of those white sandals. Like you see, it`s very easy.

If you have old sandals you can make them new like this one. I bought those on Ebay, but you can refresh any shoes you don`t like anymore.

All you need is:

1. Sticker gems 

2. Hot or super glue

3. Scissors

4. Pair of any one colour shoes or sandals or boot`s

First, clean up your shoes. Then remove beads from foil and decide where you want to place them. I decided to add them on front strap`s and on the heel`s. Put the glue on part`s you want to place gems and that`s it.

Isn`t this sandal`s great now!?



Friday, May 6, 2016


Hallo lovelies! How`s your spring going? I don`t like the weather and Im waiting for hotter day`s. Im freezing actually XD...

I wanted to remind you about 5% off on WWW.SOUFEEL.COM. Just eneter promo code "BLOG5" when ceheckout.

Because Im beauty blogger and my accent is not on outfit post`s, I will show you how you can add this beautiful, charmed bracelet to your outfit`s. Those bracelts are so cute and very quality. Made of 925 stearling silver with a great choice of sweet little charmes. Also, you can get free shipping on orders over $50. This jewelry is so quality for very afordable price.

I choosed sequined t-shirt, ripped jeans and royal blue heel`s. As we have such a lot details (sequines, ripped jeans...) we need only one piece of jewelry. This bracelet was the first thing on my mind.

Do you like it!?



Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Carli Bybel palette  and Pride + Prejudice + Zombies palette from BH COSMETICS. If you didn`t, you can read THIS post review about those two palettes. Both of them are simply amazing. Perfect shades, colors and highlight. Im in love and totally recommend them.

BALEA CABANA DREAM BODY LOTION. This one smell`s so fresh. This lotion is enough moisturizing and a little bit watery. 

BALEA DAY SPA BODY LOTION is amazing. Smell`s like orchid and almond. My body skin is totally normal, so this lotion is perfect for normal skin. Smell stay on skin long time. 

BALEA THERMAL WATER. I tried a lot of thermal watter`s but for me, they are all the same. This one is pretty cool. I use it when I ride my bike, so I can refresh. I recommend this watter.

REFAN BODY CREAM - BUTTER. This product is made in Bulgaria.I got this product about a month ago and Im pretty surprised. It goes on skin very nice. Smell`s on melon and apricot, but melon dominated. This product is natural and paraben free. It contains cocoa, shea butter and yogurt. You can really smell milk here.

REFAN SUGAR BODY SCRUB. Made of real sugar with yogurt and passion fruit extract. Smells amazing and makes skin really soft.

W7 UP IN SMOKE EYE SHADOW PALETTE. This palette is pretty good for it`s price. Shadow`s are nice pigmented and blending is very good. There is a few matte shadow`s and a few glittery shadow`s. Price is more than afordable.

BALEA BLEMISH BALM BB CREME. I use this bb creme as a make-up base. It Moisturize my face very well, but for me, this creme has no cover power.

HIRO POWDER BLUSH. I got this blush long time ago, but I started to use it about a few months. This blush is 100% organic and natural. Color is pretty strong, so you need to use it very carefully. More you can read HERE.

YSL MASCARA VOLUME EFFET FAU CILS WATERPROOF. I can say only the best for this mascara. Read my review HERE.

MAYBELLINE SENSATIONAL MASCARA. I guess you allready know how good is this one.

SKINFOOD HONEYPOT LIPBALM. I love it. Package is so sweet. My smells like raspberrys. Lips are pretty smooth and moisturized. 

QUEEN ODELIA NIGHT CREAM AND FACIAL SERUM. I can say that those product`s are one of the best I ever used. You can read a full review HERE

ENVY DUAL FIX 12. The accent is on this product. I never used something better than this for my hair. I can totally recommend this product`s. Read a full post HERE.

EUCERIN DEMATO CLEAN MICELlAR WATTER. There is a lot of micellar watters, but this is the best for me. It cleans my face really nice. For now I don`t need to change it.

RIMMEL LASTING FINISH 25Hrs FOUNDATION. Well, I guess nobody wear`s foundation 25 hours. This foundation is very quality and good. For my skin type, this foundation is full coverage. Only I bought a little bit darker shade, so I need to wait to get tan a little bit.

BOURJOUS HEALTHY MIX. Full of vitamines and goes very nice on my skin. I recommend this foundation.



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