Monday, July 27, 2015


Hallo lovelies. How are you? How you spending your holiday this summer? My summer was very hot and full of party`s and joyness...

Also, Im very happy to show you how my lashes grow in amazing long lashes. I found this amazing product called "LILASH" on

My lashas was very strange. On my left eye, they are OK, but un my right eye they are short and it was very hard to me to use mascara on them. I was like "damn, what can make my lashes bigger and longer", but I desided to  try this serum. 

I got the  LILASH serum, LIBROW serum and this amazing mirror in such an lovely m package...And I strted to use the LILASH.

It`s applied every day, just once in very small quantity on the root of the lashes. 6 month`s needed. There is enough product for even more...And result`s are amazing. Im in love with this product. Believe me, it`s amazing. I don`t have any mascara problem now :D.

Lilash came from US, Arizona actually. Most important thing that this product is made in United States, not in China. This is a huge +. Also, shipping is worldwide, so you can shop right now. 

Beleive me, Im totally recommend this serum.

Wishing you a great lashes.


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