Friday, January 15, 2016



Carried away impressions with previous perfume, bretney Spears fantasy, I decided to try and risk with another one of her perfume. I ordered this one based on the impressions of those who are already using it. The bottle is the same, only the color of the night and those swarovski crystals now look`s like stars ... When it arrived, I was thrilled! A true summer scent. Remind me of Pez candys. It is also childish, but my mom loves it too. Sometimes there is simply no need to grow up! :) The perfume is long lasting and causes a smile, like it or not. Smells so naive and sweet!


This is the first fragrance by Lolita Lempicka. Represented notes are notes of pineapple, lemon, rosewood, cherry, anise, licorice, violet, iris, almond, vanilla ... Everything is there, and the fragrance is like a fairy tale! Perfume is very stable, has beautiful gourmet notes. Very interesting scent and I always get compliments when I wear it. As for the bottle, it's beautiful, distinctive, in the form of apple with gold details.


Sweet and fresh! Gourmet fruit smell! Is powdery, spicy and tucked! Reminds me of tic-tac ordinary candys! :) It's very nice, and I carry it in my sleep! It is a fragrance that I use from the moment of his existence, does not want to give up on him, I just has to have it. That sweetness which has be the most beautiful senses, yet I want something sweet, I always smile ... The main notes are vanilla, coffee, cinnamon with added bamboo, green apple, red currant leaf ...


This fragrance is warm, reminid of the sea, the beach, the lagoon! The dominant exotic fruits, with a hint of exotic flowers! Remind of southern landscapes, turquoise, clear, white! At each of the perfume smell,I hear the sound of waves and in my head I see swaying palm trees ... This is a real summer idyll! Note that the main ones are: pineapple, coconut, Moroccan lemon, raspberry, grapefruit with a touch of Egyptian rose, peach, vanilla, sandalwood, amber, jasmine ... A true summer scent, durable, doesn`t know how to disappoint!


Favorite winter perfume and very populran. The notes are oriental with a touch of the sweetest caramel, musk and benzoin. It's overwhelming, warm and soft. It is durable, stunning and sexy! So far, I didn`t find a similar version, which does not mean that somewhere not exist. To me is not too pushy... I had a strong aversion with this fragrance, but I bought it anyway, and I can`t keep away from him.


This fragrance smell on summer, but I use it often in the winter. It smells like juicy pear an peach with additions of violet amethyst and wild lily. Very lovely parfume. Recommend.


I've always been skeptical of the perfume of a stars, I don`t even know why ... Then my mom came and handed me a gift. Round, pink bottle with embossed Swarovski crystals was promising and fantastic content ... And so it was ... beautiful sugar notes, somewhat reminds me of Nina by Ninna Ricci. It really does its name. They say it is for girls, but I don`t care! You know those sugar wool, it is the first description of this perfume! The main notes are quince, kiwi, lychee with the addition of white chocolate, jasmine, musk, iris and wood.


This parfume is my favourites of favourites. I love this scent so much. This fragrance is dominated by bourbon vanilla with top of notes of mandarin and mulberry flowers. There is a flower of nocturnal queen and bulgarian rose. Sandalwood is almost in every parfume, so she is still in this parfume and also tonka bean.
This parfume makes you feel misteriously or this is in my case. Otherwise, each parfume with a navy blue bottle lives such an impresion on me.

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